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Road to Bethlehem is bringing Jesus to Christchurch. Last year we had over one thousand people come through to experience the real meaning of Christmas. We want to do it again, but Road to Bethlehem is not possible without volunteers like you.

There are three main areas where you can help out:

1 – Acting and production. As the name suggest, this is everything that has to do with what happens ‘on-stage.’

2 – Support crew. The support crew is the behind the scenes experts that keeps the ‘show on the road.’ If you have skills in design, cooking, photography, organising, leading, or any other support role we need you.

3 – Various tasks. This is for all those people who just want to help out when they can with whatever.

We need people in all categories. Please, fill out the form below and join our great pool of volunteers.


Actor with lines
Actor without lines
Pretty much anything
Set Up/Pack Away
Traffic Management
Setting up road signs
Happy doing whatever
Pretty much anything that wont take too much time
Happy to help out where I can